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Published on July 10, 2024
Chicago Mobilizes Over 12,000 Volunteers Ahead of Democratic National Convention, Eyes Local Economic BoostSource: Google Street View

The spirit of service and political fervor is palpable in Chicago as more than 12,000 individuals have stepped forward, offering their time and energy to volunteer for the upcoming Democratic National Convention scheduled for Aug. 19-22, signaling the city's first significant political congregation since 1996, Chicago Tribune reported. Christy George, the Chicago 2024 Host Committee Executive Director, highlighted the wave of applications as a sign of excitement, acknowledging that nearly three-quarters of the volunteers hail from Illinois, underscoring a state-wide enthusiasm for the convention's potential economic boost, by some estimates, could inject $200 million into the local economy.

While the convention promises grandeur and spectacle, with attendances anticipated to crest at 50,000, including 5,000 delegates, media representatives, and influential party figures, the swell of volunteers extends beyond convention logistics and into acts of community service and on Tuesday at the Greater Chicago Food Depository, volunteers dedicated a day to service, effectively tackling the twin challenges of food waste and hunger with every sorted can and packaged meal, aligning such efforts with the vision of an inclusive and sustainable gathering, as CBS News Chicago has reported.

The tactical logistics for which these eager citizens have shown up will see them span out across the city—greeting, shuttling, and directing convention-goers at key points including airports, the United Center, and McCormick Place, along with various hotels—a community mobilization that harks to the volunteer spirit of '96 when Chicago last hosted the Democrats, as they rallied behind President Bill Clinton. In the interim before the political storm descends in August, anyone with an inkling to contribute can still lodge their application through the primary online portal at the Chicago DNC website.

Placed within the larger context, this robust volunteerism speaks to a call by the Host Committee, one that echoes in the chambers of the city's extensive neighborhoods and invites more than just political engagement—it is a sustained outreach, seen in the engagement of the Host Committee interns with the Food Depository and the twenty distinct volunteer projects undertaken during Chicago Civic Action Week, and as Mo Green, Senior Director for Civic Engagement, underscored, this is about "paying it forward" for a community that continues to contribute, tirelessly, to the fathomless enterprise of democracy.