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Published on July 10, 2024
Public Auction Set for Washington County Real Estate to Satisfy Court JudgmentSource: Google Street View

Residents of Washington County are on notice as a sheriff's sale is set to auction off a piece of local real estate to satisfy a court judgment, officials announced Tuesday. The sale, ordered by a certified decree, is the result of a legal finding dated June 3rd, which demands the sale of specified premises for the repayment of debts owed to the plaintiff by the defendants. The auction is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on September 3, at the Washington County Sheriff's Office in Stillwater, Minnesota.

Those interested in the property described within the legal boundaries of the Village of Bayport, formerly South Stillwater, should prepare to bid; the winner is required to pay in cash. According to the Sheriff's Office, the public can view the real estate as part of the North half (N 1/2) of Sixth Avenue South, nestled between Minnesota Street and property lines of adjacent lots. The revenue garnered from the public auction will go towards settling the mortgage debt, any applicable taxes, attorney's fees, and other legal costs, with the caveat that the original mortgagor is granted a six-month redemption period following the sale's confirmation.

Washington County officials have clarified, through the notice, that the sheriff does not have knowledge beforehand whether the auction will proceed as planned; therefore, potential buyers should direct their inquiries to the law firm representing the mortgagee which can typically be found with the auction notice. The precise legal description of the real estate and the terms of the sale including the redemption period can be reviewed in the published notice from July 9th.

For those interested in the upcoming auction, or in real estate sales through judicial decrees more broadly, this serves as a pointed lesson in the culmination of legal proceedings and their tangible consequences on property ownership. Further details regarding the sale, including contact information for the representing law firm, can be found in the official notice posted by Washington County.