Shirin Jones

Born and raised in San Francisco, and still live in the neighborhood I grew up in: Cow Hollow (crazy, I know.) Love community building, connecting with people, animals, food, and laughter.

Apr 13, 2018
San Francisco Marina

'The North Face Union St.' Replaces 'Lucy' Shop In Marina

Customers won't find "puffy coats and the typical North Face down jacket," said a company rep. Read More

Feb 09, 2018
San Francisco Marina

'Gio Gelati' Now Open In Cow Hollow

"If the ingredients are not local, they are from Italy," said a co-owner. Read More

Feb 01, 2018
San Francisco Marina

Shuttered Cow Hollow Grocery To Subdivide For 'Shake Shack,' 'Rumble Boxing'

Some neighbors say the fast-food chain will bring long lines and more traffic to a busy area. Read More

Nov 21, 2017
San Francisco Cow Hollow

'Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates' Opens In Cow Hollow

The confectionary specializes in chocolate, macarons, and ice cream. Read More

Nov 13, 2017
San Francisco Cow Hollow

Urban Clubhouse: Cow Hollow's 'State Apparel' Sells SF-Made Golfwear

The shop has a full line of golf gear, along with an indoor driving range. Read More

Oct 11, 2017
San Francisco Financial District Union Square

Nonagenarian Local Photographer Releases 'San Francisco Noir'

"San Francisco is naturally a noir city," said Fred Lyon, who's captured it on film since the 1940s. Read More

Aug 25, 2017
San Francisco Cow Hollow

'Valentino Market' Marks 100 Years Of Business In Cow Hollow

The "Cheers of the Marina" celebrates its first century with a party on Sunday. Read More

Jul 28, 2017
San Francisco Marina

'Roma Antica' Brings Traditional Roman Eats To Marina

The new restaurant is holding a neighborhood welcoming party tomorrow at 1pm. Read More

Jun 30, 2017
San Francisco Cow Hollow

Concierge Photography Studio 'Neomodern' Opens On Union St.

Customers can bring in a digital photo and walk out with a framed work of art. Read More

May 08, 2017
Apr 20, 2017
Apr 07, 2017
San Francisco Cow Hollow

Cow Hollow's New 'Epicurean Trader' Offers Artisanal Eats, Spirits, & More

From high-end cheeses to rare bottles of mezcal, the new purveyor of artisanal foodstuffs is a mecca for gourmets. Read More

Mar 27, 2017
San Francisco Cow Hollow

Meet The Sister Act Behind Union Street's New 'The Caviar Co.'

Saskia and Petra Bergstein, a.k.a. "The Caviar Sisters," are passionate about fish roe (and sustainability). Read More

Mar 13, 2017
San Francisco Cow Hollow

'Vegan Picnic' Brings Plant-Based Deli Favorites To Cow Hollow Omnivores

"It's almost like everyone is secretly vegan ..." the owner of Union Street’s new vegan deli said of demand since opening day last month. Read More

Mar 06, 2017
San Francisco Marina

Crissy Field Promenade To Undergo 5 Months Of Construction

The surface of the promenade is worn out, so it will be replaced in stages from now through summer, with some closures along the way. Read More

Feb 23, 2017
San Francisco Cow Hollow Marina

Marina/Cow Hollow Business Briefs: Japantown Sushi House, Canadian Active-Wear Brand Debut, More

Transitional active wear and a bit of Japantown settle into the area, while a homegrown business expands. Read More

Feb 21, 2017
San Francisco Cow Hollow

Embassy Or Temple? Unraveling The History Of Cow Hollow's Vedanta Society

Many believe the temple houses the Russian Embassy. But it’s actually the first Hindu temple built in the entire Western world. Read More

Jan 16, 2017