Indian Oven Sold to... Clay Oven?

Indian Oven Sold to... Clay Oven?
Foreground: Indian Oven. Background: Clay Oven.
By Andrew Dudley - Published on June 29, 2010.
We first heard rumblings that something was up at Indian Oven a couple of weeks ago via comments on our Facebook page. Then, we noticed a few folks on Yelp lamenting an apparent change of ownership at the restaurant. But otherwise, information remained scant. Until now!

Yes neighbors, we now have definitive proof: Indian Oven has been taken over. By the folks at Clay Oven. Oh yes, that Clay Oven. You know, the one in the background of the photo, about 150 feet away. According to an application with the state, the folks behind the Clay Pot family of restaurants, who already operate at least seven Indian eateries in the Bay Area (including Clay Oven), received the temporary permit to sell beer and wine at the Indian Oven location on June 17th. So why would the owners of one Indian restaurant want to buy out another one half a block away? Did they realize that four Indian restaurants (the Oven twins, Naan N' Chutney, and Rotée) in a one-block radius are maybe more than our little neighborhood can sustain, and they're aiming to shut one of 'em down? Or do they have something else up their sleeves? We've reached out to the new owners to find out, but have yet to receive a response. In the meantime, Yelpers allude to noticeable changes at the restaurant since the transition, including refurbished bathrooms, menu tweaks, and varying quality of service. So what of it, Lower Haighters? Have you been to Indian Oven in the last month or so? Noticed any changes? Have any details to add to this naan-story? Let's hear it.