Prest-o Change-o: Naan 'N' Chutney Has Disappeared!

Prest-o Change-o: Naan 'N' Chutney Has Disappeared!
By Andrew Dudley - Published on September 16, 2011.
In the blink of an eye, Indian and Pakistani restaurant Naan 'N' Chutney (525 Haight) disappeared this week, turning into Tandoor on Haight!

According to the restaurant's new website:
"Tandoor On Haight has set out to create a new benchmark in the Lower Haight by two brothers with a mission to share a piece of their culture with friends and neighbors. All dished [sic] are prepared to order, ask for mild, medium, or hot. All meats Halal. All natural free range and naturally fed. Our goal is to keep you coming back."
We're told the new name isn't a sign of a dramatic shake-up or new ownership, but rather an effort to end Google-confusion with the similarly-named Naan 'n' Curry family of restaurants. Still, if you check out Tandoor and notice big differences from Naan 'N' Chutney, let us know!