Wednesday Night Means Pork in Hayes Valley

Wednesday Night Means Pork in Hayes Valley
By Hayeswire - Published on November 12, 2013.
By now, maybe you've attended one of Fatted Calf's regular Wednesday night pork happy hours. But tomorrow, another pork-themed event will be vying for your attention in the neighborhood.

Welcome Stranger (460 Gough) will be hosting a Bacon Night party at their shop. 4505 Meats will be on hand to perform a butchery demonstration of a certified organic, pasture-raised hog. You'll then be able to purchase parts of said hog, like chops, belly, shoulder, and shanks. There will also be 4505 merchandise, spice rubs, and Thanksgiving-appropriate items for sale. Enjoy all this while snacking on pork-based creations like chicharrones and bacon-flavored cupcakes, sipping on "adult refreshments," and listening to a live performance by local folk band Twig and the Berries. This happens tomorrow (Wednesday) night, from 5:30pm to 8:30pm.