Two More Filming Notices In The Haight

Two More Filming Notices In The HaightPhoto: Nesster/Flickr
Amy Stephenson
Published on April 29, 2014
Film crews just can't get enough of the neighborhood, with two shoots set for the coming month. First off we have Gargi Productions, an Indian-based outfit which will be filming for a Bollywood production. Later in the month, we'll have a still shoot for Wild Child clothing.

This Friday afternoon, a crew of about 20 will descend on the neighborhood from 8am until 2pm. They'll start at Buena Vista Park and will be blocking off 10 parking spaces near the park. As Bollywood movies are wont to do, the filming in question will set the scene for two people falling in love. 

You'll see flyers around the 'hood, and if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the SF Film Commission at (415) 554-6241.

The still shoot will be for a company called Wild Child, a clothing line for teenagers. They'll be in town for the third week of May, shooting all around the neighborhood and especially in the interior of Amoeba.

The shoot will feature 3 or 4 models "window shopping, leaning against walls, chatting and hanging out." You know, like the kids today are known to do. They're looking to film in the "gritty" parts of the hood, without making the neighborhood seem like a bad place. 

We'll have some more information on this last one once they nail down dates and let us know where they'll be setting up camp. Until then, keep your eyes peeled and your look camera-ready.