Place Pigalle Suing, BIRBA Wine Bar Held Up In Permitting

Place Pigalle Suing, BIRBA Wine Bar Held Up In Permitting
Photo: Jared Schwartz/Hoodline
By Jared Schwartz - Published on July 18, 2014.
We have a few updates on two neighborhood bars that are both dealing with separate issues that relate to opening (or staying open). 
Place Pigalle
Back in April, we shared how Place Pigalle received a 90-day notice to be evicted. According to Jason Perkins, owner of the Parish Entertainment Group which runs Place Pigalle, after the property manager refused to help fix sewage leaks and Jason went to the city to get help, the bar was given the notice that its time in Hayes Valley was up.

Last month, the bar held a Tenants Rights meeting where they brought folks from different public and private agencies to talk about residential and commercial tenants' rights. 

After remaining quiet for the past month, we've learned from Jason that the Place Pigalle team are filing a lawsuit for breach of contract and loss of business. While they have stopped the eviction for the meantime, they are concurrently looking for a new space in Hayes Valley. 

BIRBA Wine Bar & Garden
Also in April, we broke the news that a new wine bar would be heading to Grove Street. BIRBA is the creation of Angie Valgiusti, a former wine consultant for Bar Jules and sommelier at the Slanted Door. At the time, she was running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and expected the bar to open within 3-6 months. 

We checked in with Angie to learn about her progress. Although they completed their Kickstarter in May by raising more than the $20,000 they needed, she's now run into some permitting issues. 

"Being held up for permits and approvals," Angie explained succinctly. "Will know more in September." It's likely the hold-up is related to permitting for the outdoor "wine garden" Angie has envisioned for the back of the space.

She is planning on sharing a longer explanation soon about the process and what's holding them up, so this is all we know for now.