SFFD Trying To Rescue Climber On Spanish-American War Statue [Updated]

SFFD Trying To Rescue Climber On Spanish-American War Statue [Updated]
Photo: DonkeyLighting/reddit
By Roy - Published on October 26, 2014.
UPDATE [3:30PM]: Mission Local reports that after several hours with "hostage negotiators," the man finally came down on his own feeling "tired, hungry, and cold." He will be transported to a hospital and be given medical attention.


Around 11am this morning the San Francisco Fire Department and Police Department responded to reports of a man climbing the Spanish-American War Memorial statue at Dolores and Market Street outside Whole Foods.

Mission Local reports that witnesses said the man climbed on the pegasus and began riding it like a horse and even tried to tie a bandana around its neck.

People nearby the incident have taken to Twitter and Instagram to share their photos of the incident unfolding. One Twitter user, Zac Minor, tweeted "There is some hella San Francisco shit happening at Dolores and Market."

In the video below, taken by Mission Local, you can see the man attempts to climb down from the statue, but hesitates when he is not able to find his footing. As rescue crews ascend ladders placed against the statue, the man can be seen scurrying back up towards the top away from rescue workers.

As of 2:40pm the man is still on the statue.

We've emailed the SFPD for details and will provide them when we get them.

via Mission Local