Bay Area/ San Francisco
Published on February 18, 2015
Major Upper Market Street Repair To Continue Into JulyAnthony Ramirez

You may have noticed that the portion of Market Street going up the hill from Castro Street has developed a lot of potholes, cracked sections of pavement, and related hazards. Now, the city is doing something about it. 

Castro neighbor Anthony Ramirez emailed in yesterday to ask what was going on after watching crews at work on the street for the past week. He hadn't heard back from city departments when he asked for information. 

We managed to get through to somebody with 311, who talked to a person at the Department of Public Works' Bureau of Street Use and Mapping. They shared that there's a permit out to repave the street all the way up to Dixie Alley, a project that's slated to last through July.

We then tracked down the official permits, which you can browse through here and here (select "Market St" then scroll down to the Contract No. 2202J set). The documents confirm what commenter pch1013 noted on another recent story, which is that the sewer line is being redone as well. The contractor is Esquivel Grading & Paving, Inc, it was approved on Christmas Eve last year (somebody in the city was working on the holiday?) and the permit goes for 240 consecutive days. The engineering cost is estimated at more than $2.7 million.

So sit back and enjoy half a year at least of major street reconstruction, and then a new set of pipes and pavement.