Best Of Thai Noodle Rebranding As 'Hippie Thai Street Food'

Best Of Thai Noodle Rebranding As 'Hippie Thai Street Food'
Photo: Best of Thai Noodle/Yelp
By Amy Stephenson - Published on October 21, 2015.

Best of Thai Noodle, the Upper Haight's cheap, dependable late-night Thai-food staple, is under new ownership and will be rebranding. 

A new website has appeared for a Thai place called Hippie Thai Street Food, located at 1418 Haight St., the current Best of Thai Noodle location. It lists a fairly standard Thai menu, with a lot of overlap with Best of Thai Noodle. The new site does feature a disclaimer at the bottom about fresh ingredients, which the old menu lacks. "We only purchase 1-2 days worth of product at a time, so our ingredients are fresh. Whenever possible, items are sourced from local California suppliers who practice sustainable, humane agricultural practices."

Late-night hours will still be in effect, until 11pm on weeknights and midnight on weekends. The new website is bright and colorful, with a cheerful hippie tuk-tuk logo: 

We did some digging, and discovered that the restaurant is officially owned by Jasf Thai Inc., a San Francisco-based company owned by Alexander D. Mawhinney. Mawhinney also owns a spa, Touch Thai Bodywork & Massage, on Geary Street near Spruce. 

An employee we spoke to at Best of Thai Noodle confirmed the rebranding, but wasn't sure when the changeover would officially take place. In the meantime, you can peruse the new menu here. Don't worry, they'll still offer delivery.