Bay Area/ San Francisco
Published on October 23, 2015
Public Realm Plan Headed To The Lower HaightPhoto: Daniel Hoherd/Flickr

Step aside, Haight-Ashbury: the Lower Haight is about to get its very own Public Realm Plan

The Planning Department and London Breed's office are teaming up to"enhance the area's public realm," which, in general, means making streets and sidewalks prettier, safer and more accessible. 

Though it's still in its very early stages, the Public Realm Plan's proposal includes several bulb-outs (seven-foot sidewalk aprons that allot more space for pedestrians), as well as more sidewalk lighting, greenery and signage. 

As mentioned above, a similar project was proposed three years ago in the Upper Haight. That plan, which is still being implemented, includes six bulb-outs, three traffic lights, and several traffic and Muni stop changes. The final draft of the plan was released in March of this year.

"We want to make this a community-based process," said Planning Department spokesperson Candace SooHoo. "That means gathering ideas from residents and merchants on what they want in the Public Realm Plan."

The Planning Department will introduce the project proposal at the D5 Mobile Workshop, a public meeting hosted by Supervisor Breed and multiple city agencies encompassing several city projects. Catch the D5 meeting tomorrow at 1pm at the Hamilton Recreation Center (1900 Geary St.)

Supervisor Breed and Planning are also inviting the public to provide input on the project at the Lower Haight Public Realm Plan kickoff meeting on November 18th (date and time TBD). We'll keep you updated as plans develop.