Bite Me Sandwiches Now Open In The Castro

Bite Me Sandwiches Now Open In The Castro
Photo: Steve Bracco/Hoodline
By Steven Bracco - Published on January 28, 2016.

Last month, we previewed Bite Me Sandwiches' Castro expansion, and the sandwich shop has now quietly opened up at 4230 18th St.

Owner Nidal Musleh, who also runs Bite Me Sandwiches' 16th Street location, tells us that they are in their soft opening phase, and will be settling in and training employees as they get going.

Bite Me Sandwiches will be using the ground floor and mezzanine level of the former Bar Vero Space, and an upstairs wine bar is in the works. Musleh says that he and his business partner are currently speaking with a chef who's working on that menu, so stay tuned for more on the upstairs project.

This isn't the first time that we've heard about a wine bar concept for the top floor area. When Bar Vero first opened last year, that was part of its plan, but it was never fully realized before the business closed. The restaurant's upstairs area has a lot of potential, including a perfect spot for brunch out in the sun room.

Bite Me Sandwiches offers a variety of traditional deli-style sandwiches, served warm with a special 'mojo sauce'. (See the menu here.) Plans are to expand offerings beyond sandwiches and begin to sell coffee, bagels, muffins and other breakfast items in the morning once they get things off the ground. "We want to offer want the neighborhood is asking for," Musleh said. 

When it comes to the  former Bar Vero's exterior and awning, Musleh says,"that will either be coming down or be redesigned soon." He was eager to get the sandwich shop open for business, and will work on the finer details as things move along.

Bite Me Sandwiches is currently open from 11am-3:30pm with plans of extending the hours to 7am-4pm in the near future.