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Published on February 03, 2016
El Mercado Urbano's Garage Doors Will Soon Reopen (Partially)Photo: R. A. Schuetz/Hoodline

Soon, youll be able to take in the night air once more as you sip mezcal and scarf down tacos at El Mercado Urbano, La Urbana's bar. Lula Tilahun, the restaurant's manager, said the garage doors should be reopened sometime this month.

In October, the garage doors that usually opened onto the sidewalk, creating a patio-like atmosphere, closed. Tilahun explained that the closure would last until they upgraded the bar's design.

Now, part of that new design is visible: The garage doors have been cut in half, so the top section can still roll open while the bottom half functions as a partition between the restaurant and the street.

Tilahun said they were still working on a couple more pieces of the redesign, which may be in response to a persistent local complainant whose allegations the Planning Department has found in the past to be unfounded. 

Construction on the garage doors will take place during the day, but El Mercado should still be open as usual during the evenings.