Coyote Spotted In Corona Heights This Morning

Coyote Spotted In Corona Heights This Morning
Photo: Stuart H.
By Camden Avery - Published on March 02, 2016.

Tipster Stuart H. spotted a limping coyote this morning in Corona Heights.

"The painters at our house were greeted by a coyote walking up States Street in Corona Heights this am," he wrote in. "Subsequent review of a neighbor's video feed seemed to show the animal was limping. Pet owners be aware, and as always give coyotes a wide berth."

Coyotes are regular residents of San Francisco's wilder corners, and have often been spotted in Golden Gate Park. But there's been an uptick of late in coyotes prowling around more residential areas, including the Panhandle, Buena Vista Park, Corona Heights, and Cole Valley. Coyotes are most dangerous from April to August, when they're protecting their newborn pups.

Here's our guide to staying safe if you encounter a coyote; SF Animal Care & Control also requests that locals report any coyote sightings so they can keep tabs on the animals.