Downed Overhead Line Disrupts N-Judah Service During AM Rush [Updated]

By Walter Thompson - Published on April 19, 2016.

Tuesday morning's commute was disrupted by a downed overhead power line at the Duboce Park portal of the Sunset Tunnel. SFMTA is running shuttle buses until the line is repaired, and repair crews and SFPD have responded to the scene.

Inbound trains are stopping at Carl & Hillway, where passengers will transfer to shuttle buses for the remainder of the ride. To reduce congestion in the Inner Sunset and Cole Valley, Muni is sending shuttles to mid-line locations. SFMTA recommends using the 6,7 or NX lines as alternative.

No estimate yet on when the problem will be repaired, or whether the line failure is related to the ongoing Sunset Tunnel Trackway Improvement Project, which was scheduled to have been completed last summer.

Update, 11:23am: