Event Spotlight: Make New Friends At 'Hippie Hour' On Patricia's Green

Event Spotlight: Make New Friends At 'Hippie Hour' On Patricia's Green
Photo: Facebook
By Nuala Sawyer - Published on July 05, 2016.

Each week, we'll feature an especially interesting event in the neighborhood based on the event submissions we get, and what we hear about while we're out on the beat. If you want to be considered for next week, please submit your event here.

Tomorrow night, Patricia's Green will be transformed into a gathering space for hula-hoopers, guitar players, potluck items and tie-dye. From 6-9pm, Hippie Hour will be descending on the small neighborhood park, with the goal of bringing strangers and friends alike together in conversation. 

There are a few rules set in place to make the event accessible and safe for everyone. Tea replaces alcohol, phones are kept tucked out of sight, and attendees are encouraged to bring organic vegetarian or vegan food items to share, as well as craft items and musical instruments to play.

"This is about human connection with awesome people. Allow yourself to be in the moment with new people—embracing the idea of no alcohol or the need to sell anything, including yourself. " reads the Facebook invite

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