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Published on August 26, 2016
Numerous Improvement Projects Tying Up The Richmond's RoadsPhoto: Camden Avery/Hoodline

If you've been traversing the Richmond district—or, especially, trying to park there—over the last week or so, you'll have noticed that SF Public Works has kicked off local road work with a vengeance.

Following last year's water main replacement on Clement Street, here's a roundup of ongoing projects that will be impacting traffic in the Richmond, and their scheduled timeline for completion.

30th Avenue and Lake Street: The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is installing a new emergency firefighting cistern. Work is currently underway, without an anticipated end date.

25th Avenue between Geary and Clement: A utilities main replacement has narrowed traffic lanes and restricted parking on this major north-south corridor. Parking is also impacted on the adjacent Clement Street stops, and around the bus stops for the 29-Sunset line. Construction equipment and building materials are currently occupying parking spaces through September 15th. Labor Day beachgoers would be wise to find an alternate route.

23rd Avenue between Anza and Balboa: 23rd Avenue is closed for repairs to the road surface.

Anza from 12th Avenue east and 11th, 10th Avenue between Anza and Geary: More street resurfacing, continuing previous years' work between Arguello and the early avenues to repair a buckled, long-dilapidated road surface. 

Cabrillo at 8th Avenue: Cabrillo is temporarily occupied for a couple of days (today included), with a concrete mixer in the eastbound lane for a sidewalk replacement.

And all over the neighborhood—but particularly on Anza between 15th and 19th avenues, for the moment—Sonic, the Santa Rosa-based Internet provider, has utility trucks parked on corners along the north side of Anza as part of its gigabit service installation for the neighborhood, which is scheduled to launch by early September.