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Published on September 23, 2016
North Beach Dive Bar Mr. Bing's To Live OnPhoto: Nathan Falstreau/Hoodline

In July, we reported that decades-old North Beach dive bar Mr. Bing's was set to close after being sold to the team behind Ireland's 32 in the Richmond, who would possibly turn it into another bar with a similar Irish theme.

Now, we've learned that while the new owners still plan to close the pub for renovations, it doesn't look like much will change in the way of its appearance. Mr. Bing's will continue to be a spot for locals and tourists alike to enjoy cheap drinks, no frills, and many shenanigans. (The bar was named one of San Francisco's top eight dive bars by Thrillist, and it's on San Francisco Heritage's list of "Legacy Bars and Restaurants.")

Bartender Chandra Walker told us that the new owners originally planned on closing Mr. Bing's sometime in August. But those plans were delayed, and now they'll likely close in mid-October for renovations, which she says will not drastically affect the look of the place.

"It's obvious that there is some work that needs to be done," she said. "The floors need to be repaired, and with a change of ownership, there are always new requirements. They need to make it ADA-compliant." 

Aside from those updates and a new coat of paint, she told us customers shouldn't notice many drastic changes. With that said, "There are always changes to character. This is what happens with any change of ownership." 

New owner Pete Cooper, from Ireland's 32, also purchased the rights to use the Mr. Bing's name, so the classic sign adorning the building's entryway won't be going anywhere. 

We asked Cooper about his plans for the pub. His reply (via email): "For those who understand, there is no explanation necessary; for those who don't understand, there is no explanation possible."