Firefighters Rescue Dog From Cliffs At Fort Funston [Video]

Firefighters Rescue Dog From Cliffs At Fort Funston [Video]
A San Francisco firefighter rescues the dog. | Photo: SFFD/ Twitter
By Saul Sugarman - Published on February 22, 2017.

Late this morning, firefighters rescued a dog that went off the beaten path and over a cliff near Fort Funston.

The dog—whose breed the San Francisco Fire Department did not know— stumbled and fell down the cliff, although not all the way.

It could have fallen about another 60 feet, without the aid of the 16 firefighters that responded.

Firefighters safely retrieved the dog. | PHOTO: SFFD/TWITTER

“Usually, owners or handlers of pets will go after their animal and get stuck,” said SFFD spokesman Jonathan Baxter. “But the person in charge of the dog today had the wherewithal to call 911.”

The incident took an hour to resolve, and the dog was unharmed. The SFFD tweeted a video of the rescue: 

“People should stay on designated trails and be aware of cliffs and rocks,” Baxter said.