Spotted: New Plaque Reveals Family History Of 'The Duboce' Development Site

By Teresa Hammerl - Published on March 27, 2017.

Tipster James Carnes spotted a new commemorative plaque on the recently completed The Duboce development on Sanchez and Market streets.

Its inscription reveals more about the history of the site, which was the home of a gas station for decades:

On this site, Tom Wong and his wife Yook Lew Wong owned and operated a service station for 35 years. Tom immigrated to America from Canton, China in 1940 with hopes of building a good life for his wife and family. He was a man of integrity: honest, hardworking and respectful of others. With these values and being well-loved by all, Tom created a thriving business and a welcoming gathering place for the community.

Tom and Yook Lew dreamed of leaving a legacy on this site for their six children, ten grandchildren, and the generations to follow. This building represents the fulfillment of Tom and Yook Lew's shared American dream.