Rubber Ducks Flock Overnight To Corner Of Castro & 21st

Photo: Bay Gelldawg
By Walter Thompson - Published on May 05, 2017.

Thanks to eagle-eyed tipster Bay Gelldawg, we've learned that more than 150 bath toys have been arranged on the sidewalk near the intersection of Castro and 21st Streets, spelling "SIMON." 

Interspersed with what appear to be leaves from nearby trees, it's unclear whether the installation is a personalized message, part of a guerrilla advertising campaign, or something more sinister.

A waterborne group of ducks is a "raft," and in flight, they're referred to as a "flock." On land, a group of ducks are called a "safe," but how would you describe this particular congregation? Tell us in the comments.

Photo: Bay Gelldawg

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