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Published on August 31, 2017
Stanley Roberts Spots People Behaving Badly At Ocean BeachA sign at Ocean Beach. | Photo: Rafael Castillo/Flickr

In one of his latest videos on "People Behaving Badly," KRON4's Stanley Roberts calls out the litterbugs of Ocean Beach.

Trash along the shore has been a persistent issue for years; in 2015, the National Park Service—which manages the area as part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Arearemoved trash cans in an attempt to motivate visitors to leave no trace. 

However, visitors continued to leave their refuse. Ocean Beach also appears to be a popular spot for some to illegally dump large items—like sofas—or burn their Christmas trees on its sands.

While the trash receptacles quietly returned to Ocean Beach earlier this year, trash and litter continue to be a problem.

Locals—including members of Metallica—have literally taken the problem into their hands; many participate in regular cleanups hosted by the GGNRA or local nonprofits like the San Francisco chapter of the Surfriders Foundation. 

Outer Sunset and Richmond residents have also partnered with Surfrider to keep cigarette butts off of Ocean Beach. While small, the cigarette butts are not biodegradable and break down into microplastics.