SFPD Begins Foot Patrols In Bernal Heights

SFPD Begins Foot Patrols In Bernal Heights
Photo: Todd Lappin/Flickr
By Todd Lappin - Published on September 11, 2017.

Police officers have started foot patrols in Bernal Heights, says Captain Joseph McFadden from SFPD’s Ingleside Station. At the start of the month, department Chief William Scott announced that he was doubling the number of officers on neighborhood foot beats to combat property crime.

Via tipster Sarah, Bernal’s volunteer crime correspondent, Bernalwood has learned that two officers have been permanently assigned to foot patrols that began last weekend.

The patrols will be conducted by Officers Al Chan and Kevin Endo, and Capt. McFadden encouraged Bernal neighbors to "please stop them and say hello."

McFadden said new foot patrols will mainly focus on Cortland Avenue, but the officers can walk around the area if there are problems elsewhere.  Recently, neighbors have reported seeing foot patrols on Bernal Hill as well.

As more personnel are assigned to Ingleside Station, McFadden said he'll assign more officers to foot beats.