Burglar Steals Rare Bikes From Bernal Heights Industrial Designer

Burglar Steals Rare Bikes From Bernal Heights Industrial Designer
Photos: Erik Nohlin/Instagram
By Todd Lappin - Published on February 19, 2018.

Erik Nohlin moved to Prentiss Street in Bernal Heights one week ago after living on 23rd Street for four years, but days after he settled in, a burglar stole six rare bicycles from his garage.

Nohlin is an industrial designer for Specialized Bicycle Components, a bicycle manufacturer based in Morgan Hill. Last Monday, February 13th, someone broke into his garage between 10:30pm and 11pm, making off with six bikes that represent five years of his work.

Images of all the missing bikes are available here (PDF download) or on his Instagram page.

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“My wife and I were at home and asleep by 11:30 when two SFPD officers knocked on the back door and said that a neighbor had seen the door open when he got home, so he called the police,” said Nohlin.

“I walked down to the garage with the officers and we found that my entire bicycle collection was gone, the wire was cut and u-locks gone.”

Closer investigation revealed that the thieves used a wire to reach through the garage's mail slot and release a latch.

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Nohlin said the bicycles are one-of-a-kind creations and is offering a cash reward of $1,000 to anyone who returns them, no questions asked. 

“The bikes are so well-known and high-profile that turning them will be hard— they’re too hot,” he said. “I would hate to see these disassembled and sold as parts or sprayed black, as they’re so unique with their stories, not only to me but to cycling history.”

Anyone with information that might lead to the recovery of the bikes is asked to call 415-696-1434 or email police at [email protected]

“We thought we had moved out of the more exposed 23rd Street to a safer place, but we certainly learned a lesson,” said Nohlin. “It’s San Francisco and you need triple locks and eyes peeled 24/7.”