3 Tech-Fueled Trends Making Bay Area Life Simpler [Sponsored]

3 Tech-Fueled Trends Making Bay Area Life Simpler [Sponsored]
Photo: LimeBike/Instagram
By Hoodline - Published on March 28, 2018.

Whether you've lived here your whole life or just a few weeks, you'll agree: life in the Bay Area is fast-paced and hyper-competitive. But early access to ideas that turn traditional hassles on their heads often makes it all worth it.

One prime example: subscription car services. Thanks to companies like Canvas, Bay Area drivers are no longer at the mercy of seasoned salespeople.

With Canvas, you can hop online to shop for the car and monthly mileage plan of your choice. Make your pick, then a ready-to-drive car is delivered to your door.

One monthly fee covers use of the car, insurance and maintenance. Plus, mileage plans can be adjusted on the fly, road-side assistance remains on stand-by and you can swap cars any time.

But Canvas isn't the only forward-thinking company simplifying everyday necessities. Here's a look at two other essential areas local startups are currently rethinking.

Co-living Communities

With a tight housing market, apartment hunting is one of the biggest headaches residents face. But modern co-living options are providing useful alternatives to those who prefer sharing—without frat house vibes.

Newcomer Common is one such company. Common works directly with developers and building owners to offer smartly furnished apartments specifically designed for communal living.

Currently, apartment hunters can apply online for a room in Oakland or SoMa. If accepted, Common tenants pay one monthly fee for a private bedroom, access to communal spaces and utilities.

Common's website shows that its Bay Area tenants save anywhere from $300 to $1,260 a month, compared to tenants living in traditional studio apartments.

Dockless Electric Bikes/Scooters

To accomplish a quick errand, sometimes you only need two wheels. If a few flights of stairs or a lengthy trek to a bikeshare station have stood in your way, you'll be happy hear that dockless ebikes and motorized scooters are now available.

In January, JUMP Bikes scored the first permit to offer 250 dockless e-bikes 24/7 on city streets. The company has since partnered with Uber to make those bikes available in its app.

In recent weeks, mobility startups LimeBikes and Bird have each launched dockless scooter sharing programs, so even more choice and availability could be here before you know it.