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Upper Haight infrastructure project to go dormant from Thanksgiving to New Year's

Neighbors and business owners in the Upper Haight have likely gotten used to the ongoing construction on the neighborhood's transit improvement and pedestrian realm project. The multi-purpose infrastructure overhaul commenced in September, and is set to wrap up in the fall of 2020. 

But if you're curious exactly what's going on now, and what the next months will look like, here's an update.

Two separate crews are currently working on sewer main and lateral replacements: one on the 1500 block of Haight Street, between Clayton and Ashbury (pictured above) and the other, two blocks east, on Masonic Avenue at Waller Street.

According to SF Public Works spokesperson Alex Murillo, sewer and water function will not be impacted during the construction, though street parking bans, Muni stop alterations and traffic detours will be implemented to accommodate the work.

But in a concession to local business owners, Public Works is instituting a work moratorium from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day on what it registers as "business blocks," or blocks where businesses occupy at least half of the ground-floor frontage. 

That means the work on Haight will temporarily go dark for the holidays. 

"The excavation work will be backfilled and temporarily paved in advance of Thanksgiving, to make the street safe and usable during the busy holiday season," Murillo said.

The work on Masonic between Haight and Waller, however, will continue through December. 

To get updates on the project or subscribe to the city's newsletter about it, visit the project's website

1500 Haight Street

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