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Published on January 31, 2019
Señor Sisig to open first brick-and-mortar restaurant in the MissionPhoto: Señor Sisig/Facebook

Fans of the tosilog burrito, take heed: popular Filipino-fusion food truck Señor Sisig is opening its first brick-and-mortar restaurant in the Mission. 

Veteran Hoodline tipster Al M. was the first to alert us to the restaurant's move into the space formerly occupied by The Blue Fig (990 Valencia St., at 21st St.), mere hours after owner Evan Kidera posted an application for a Type 41 liquor license to the vacant storefront's window. 

"It's been a long time coming," Kidera told Hoodline about expanding the business beyond its fleet of five food trucks, which operate throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area.

"We've had several opportunities to open stores, and a lot of times, we've thought about opening in the Mission," he said. "But none of the places ever felt right until now."

Photo: Albertino M./Hoodline Tipline

Señor Sisig is no stranger to Valencia Street: it's operated one of its food trucks in a parking lot adjacent to Cherin's Appliances, at 18th and Valencia, since 2017. 

The truck was temporarily forced out of the space last year, after the Planning Commission rejected a larger food-truck-park proposal for the parking lot — a decision that was later reversed by the Board of Supervisors.  

"I was saddened that we weren't able to be at 18th and Valencia when that happened," Kidera said. "Thankfully, we got that back."

A few months later, he received a call from a real estate broker friend, who wanted to show him a vacant restaurant space just a few blocks away.

"We weren't looking at all at the time," he said. "But we got there to take a look at it, and there was something about it ... the location just felt right."

With a parklet out front and an outdoor patio in the back, the new location "speaks to the Señor Sisig experience," he said. "We've always been sensitive to our food-truck roots; we'll always be that to our core. People fell in love with us through our food trucks, so it'll still have that same vibe." 

Those who love the food truck needn't worry: Kidera plans to continue to operate it at 18th & Valencia for the time being, even after the restaurant's doors are open.

Señor Sisig will continue to operate its truck next to Cherin's Appliances at 18th & Valencia. | Photo: Señor Sisig/Facebook

When it opens, Señor Sisig's brick-and-mortar menu will feature all the truck's staples, from sisig tacos to burritos to nachos. Kidera said he and his team are toying with the idea of introducing some food-truck specials as "permanent fixtures" as well. And he's looking at adding additional desserts and drinks, including an ube horchata.

As for the space, "we're going to remodel, design it to our fashion," Kidera explained. "A lot of the guts are still there from The Blue Fig, so we just need to build it out to make it feel like our brand." 

If things go to plan, Kidera hopes to have the restaurant open within three months. 

"I'm from San Francisco," he said. "I've seen Valencia make the transition from one of the ugliest corridors to one of the most vibrant. This is where I wanted to put our first [restaurant]."