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Published on June 04, 2020
Driver sends vehicle through window of NoPa home in two-car collisionPhoto: Twitter/@hilldawgg

Around 5:30 p.m. Thursday, a NoPa car collision ended with a Ford Mustang inside an apartment — resulting in no serious injuries, but narrowly missing the cats that live in the apartment.

The driver appears to have swerved, jumped the pedestrian graded curb, and launched the car through the building's street-level glass front.

Witnessed by a passerby, the incident occurred when the driver of the Mustang, who was carrying a passenger, ran a stop sign at the four-way stop and collided with another vehicle. 

Seen on better days, the building pictured is a four story Victorian on the southwest corner of Fulton and Lyon. | Photo via Google

The witness reported that all drivers stayed on the scene until emergency vehicles arrived, the cats were found, and that nobody appeared to be gravely injured.