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Published on November 08, 2022
Amidst national veterinarian shortage, a new animal hospital opens in Noe ValleyImage: Noe Animal Hospital via Yelp

It’s not just you, pet owners. Finding available veterinarians for emergency pet care has been more difficult that ever, in a veterinary care shortage the Chronicle documented last year. And it’s not just the Bay Area, as the American Veterinary Medical Association says there’s a “national shortage of veterinary staff,” while vet appointments went up 6.5% in 2021 as more people worked from home.

But medical help is on the way, at least for those with four legs, fur, feathers, or scales. The Noe Animal Hospital just opened its doors on Wednesday, November 2, at 24th and Church Streets. The new facility will be open Mondays through Saturdays. 

"Whether you want to discuss ongoing management of a chronic condition, or you come to us needing urgent care for your furry companion, we hope you will find our style of knowledgeable, compassionate care perfect for your pet," Noe Animal Hospital co-medical director Dr. Viru Gopisetty said in a release. "And with such a squeeze on veterinary services in the San Francisco area, we're delighted to offer more pet parents the opportunity to access timely care when their animals need it." 

According to the Noe Animal Hospital patient care page, the care center offers “in-house diagnostic, dental care and surgical centers assist with faster diagnoses.” According to their website, they also offer microchipping, vaccinations, parasite prevention, and spaying and neutering.

The new clinic comes just seven months after the SF SPCA sold their Pac Heights facility, which had offered 24/7 care, though that location is now a privately owned veterinary clinic. The SF SPCA, meanwhile, transferred those resources to a new community veterinary clinic located in the Excelsior District

Noe Animal Hospital is at 3818 24th Street (at Church Street), Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Book appointments here