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Published on May 28, 2023
Thousands of Sea Otters Will Return to the Bay Area, According to Reintroduction Plan

In a bittersweet epicurean tale, the once-abundant sea otters of the San Francisco Bay Area may finally be returning to their rightful place in the marine ecosystem. Having nearly faced local extinction due to a voracious appetite for their pelts in the 1800s, sea otters now have a chance to restore the balance disrupted by their absence. These creatures play a vital role in managing urchin populations, which in turn devour the kelp forests, essential nurseries for marine life. As the tides shift in Sonoma County, politicians and tribal leaders are now considering the reintroduction of these furry sentinels into their former habitat. The full re-integration plan will include as many as ... Continue reading on SFist →

Feature image via Unsplash/Kedar Gadge.