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Published on May 25, 2023
This Filipino Restaurant Might Be The Worst Restaurant (Statistically) in the Peninsula & South BaySource: Yelp! / Salvation M.
"Found a hair in the rice."

If you're seeking a Filipino culinary adventure to delight your taste buds, definitely avoid Manila Bay Cuisine 2, one of the worst* restaurants in the SF Bay Area. This gem is your one-stop-shop for tasteless dishes, overpriced entrees, and a customer service experience that will make you question why you even stepped inside in the first place. To top it all off, Manila Bay Cuisine 2 has some of the worst user reviews of any Bay Area restaurant south of San Francisco; though admittedly, we didn't actually check if it rated worse than every place in SF, too.
* "Worst" refers to the star rating of restaurants that are not a part of a national chain and have more than 50 user reviews on Yelp!

Should you want to give it a go regardless, Manila Bay Cuisine 2 can be found at 92 Serramonte Ctr in Daly City. They currently stand at a Yelp rating of 1.5 stars from nearly 100 reviewers.

There are some places where mediocrity is unfathomable, especially when it comes to food. However, Manila Bay Cuisine 2 falls short of anything close to enjoyable or praise-worthy. With their paltry star rating, a plethora of unhappy customers, and a trail of scathing reviews, this Filipino eatery seems to have near nothing going for it.

But let's dive into the details, shall we?

First and foremost, the dishes served at Manila Bay Cuisine 2 have been described as downright "disgusting," with some insisting they are "greasy," "bland," and "unappetizing." Among Manila Bay Cuisine 2's near 100 mostly negative reviews, @D.M.T. goes further, stating that the "The sisig we got yesterday was made with all the fat from the pork and NO MEAT AT ALL......The WORST sisig I have ever tasted." Not only does the food appear to be overly fatty and unpalatable, but it is also "ridiculously overpriced" with no available combo options and limited portion sizes.

Another frequent complaint about Manila Bay Cuisine 2 is its uncleanliness and questionable food quality. @Salvation M. noted, "If they allowed negative stars for this business then i would give [that to] them," adding "overpriced." The more unnerving part is when she mentioned, "Found a hair in the rice. Very disgusting." This calls into question the safety and hygiene of the establishment, which can undoubtedly affect the overall dining experience.

If these grievances weren't enough, the service at Manila Bay Cuisine 2 seems to grate on its customers' nerves. @BeaglesRFun describes the owner as needing to be "ashamed" for the quality of the food and the restaurant's ambience, including a visible microwave used for heating-up customers' orders. Moreover, the staff apparently displays poor customer service skills, with one reviewer noting their interaction with staff as being "rude."

In a sea of harsh criticism, there are sporadic mentions of positives. Yelp user Mamie D says that their "bopis is hella good!" and "one of the best versions I tried." However, with so few other redeeming qualities, the damage from overwhelmingly negative reviews seems too significant.

To sum it up, Manila Bay Cuisine 2 is a sad tale of a Filipino restaurant in Daly City facing the wrath of numerous disappointed customers who would have expected better from their dining experience. In a moment where food culture and appreciation are at an all-time high, such establishments cannot merely survive and have to step up their game. Being complacent with mediocrity is not an option.