Santa Clarita Showcases Frank Rock's Artistry in "Touchstones – Transitions – Tranquility" Exhibition

Santa Clarita Showcases Frank Rock's Artistry in "Touchstones – Transitions – Tranquility" ExhibitionSource: Google Street View
Gabriela Martinez
Published on October 30, 2023

The City of Santa Clarita recently disclosed their upcoming art exhibition "Touchstones – Transitions – Tranquility." The work of celebrated local artist Frank Rock will be on display at The MAIN in Old Town Newhall, commencing today, and running until November 28. A unique reception is planned for November 16, where Frank Rock will meet and greet attendees from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m, according to the City of Santa Clarita Press Release.

The roots of Frank Rock's love for art began in his childhood, with early sketches forming the base of his current masterpieces. Through his works of vibrant landscapes and serene waters, he aims to spread happiness. As per the City of Santa Clarita's account, his creations derive from both his imagination and his personal collection of photos.

The inspiration behind his artwork is admiredly captured, infused with natural motion and a profound grasp of light reflection. His signature style has solidified his presence in the local art circuit, and it is visible in numerous murals across the city, including a hospital tower in Old Town Newhall and a life-sized mural of a cycling grizzly bear.

Frank Rock's artistic evolution is evident as his acclaim amplifies. His relentless commitment to art serves as an inspiration and indication of the potential art has to leave a lasting imprint. His notable works, such as the breathtaking murals in Old Town Newhall, have significantly impacted the local landscape.

This exhibition is bound to give deep understanding about Frank Rock's creative world and can be a platform for his art to be admired by enthusiasts, residents, and visitors of the City of Santa Clarita alike. A closer look into his oeuvre through this exhibition will provide an insight into his artistic journey.

Despite few opportunities to view Frank Rock's work in galleries, "Touchstones – Transitions – Tranquility" offers a striking opportunity for art fanatics uniquely to witness the outstanding journey of a skilled artist.

For information on the exhibition and future Santa Clarita programs, Stephanie Jacinto can be approached at [email protected]. This event not only highlights the talent of the local art community, but also reinforces the City of Santa Clarita's commitment to artists, promoting a sustainable, artistic, and thriving community for all to relish.