Chicago Chills Out, City’s Six Ice Rinks Open for Joyful Journeys and a Slice of the Ice!

Chicago Chills Out, City’s Six Ice Rinks Open for Joyful Journeys and a Slice of the Ice!Source: FGL
Richard M. Sullivan
Published on November 24, 2023

Hey Chicago, it's time to lace up those skates and hit the ice! The Windy City has officially launched its holiday season on ice, with all six Chicago Park ice rinks now welcoming winter sports enthusiasts. These frosty rinks include neighborhood favorites like McKinley Park and Mt. Greenwood Park, ensuring everyone gets a slice of the ice according to a recent reveal by CBS Chicago.

Joining the Millennium Park rink, which opened its icy gates last week, are the rest of the outdoor arenas—Midway Plaisance Park, Warren Park, and Wentworth Park—guaranteeing joyous glides and pirouettes across the city. And if you were thinking about the price tag, freeze that thought! Admission to all these locations doesn’t cost a dime—or, should we say, a snowflake—as long as you bring your own skates. Need to rent? It's just $7 to snag a pair as noted by CBS Chicago.

Here's a fun little twist for the rink regulars who remember the days of disco and roller rinks. This year, Chicago is reserving some open skate time slots specifically for the young at heart—the Gen Xers and boomers. That's right, strap on the blades of glory and show these millennials how smooth ice can really be cut according to WTTW News.

Other locations throwing open their snowy doors include the Ribbon at Maggie Daley Park and the McCormick Tribune Ice Rink, both of which debuted their winter wonderland scenes on November 17th. And let's talk about exclusivity for a chilly moment: tickets are required for the Millennium Park rink, and pre-registration is a must to avoid being left out in the cold as stated in WTTW News.