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Published on November 07, 2023
Palmdale City Library to Unveil Plein Air Art Installation by Local Artist Richard GallegoSource: Google Street View

Palmdale City Library is set to unveil a public art installation consisting of three large alcoves featuring native landscapes. Local artist Richard Gallego created these pieces in the plein air style. The aim of these works is to infuse the library's exterior with a vibrancy that complements Kris Holladay's mosaic mural "On Fire," according to the City of Palmdale's official website.

The 'plein air' technique, derived from the French for painting outdoors, enables artists to work amid their subjects. Gallego's installations reveal a vista from W. Ave. O-8 looking north, a view that he has been chosen to paint multiple times. His works harmonize with the library's environment, capturing the essence and stunning light of the landscape.

Richard Gallego, who has been painting landscapes since 1996, is deeply passionate about the unrestrained beauty of nature. His "wonderful affliction," as he calls it, pushes him to depict nature’s allure through new, innovative methods. Besides his plein-air landscapes, Gallego conducts workshops and gives private lessons to aspiring artists, as mentioned on his official website.

Concerning retention of the mural's hue, paint company Dunn Edwards has pledged an anti-graffiti coating to protect Gallego’s work. Moreover, local authorities are soliciting community input to shape the city's future public art installations, hoping that future projects resonate with residents and become substantial community landmarks. Residents can partake in the public art survey on the city's official website until December 17.

Public art installations like those of Gallego and Holladay give communities the chance to engage with culture and creativity within everyday environments. Palmdale's dedication to celebrating these art policies reflects its commitment to the arts to fostering a community identity. Community input is valued by city leadership, recognizing the relevance of art in unifying and stimulating urban life, as per The City of Palmdale.

The free event is due to happen on November 13, promising attendees a unique experience with Gallego's detailed landscapes.