Quince Set to Reopen with Revamped Menu and Décor, as San Francisco's Culinary Scene Gets a Michelin-Starred Boost

Quince Set to Reopen with Revamped Menu and Décor, as San Francisco's Culinary Scene Gets a Michelin-Starred BoostSource: Instagram / @Quince_SF
Eileen Vargas
Published on November 06, 2023

San Francisco's illustrious three-Michelin-starred restaurant, Quince, prepares for a grand reopening on November 28 after almost a year of closure, reports Eater. Owners Michael and Lindsay Tusk, who also manage Cotogna and Verjus, have renovated the dining rooms and revamped the tasting menu in light of Quince's 20th anniversary and a bright perspective on the city's future.

The remodeling has done more than just updating the interior. Based on the SF Chronicle's report, the refurbished Quince now boasts a lighter, warmer ambiance with its new arrangement featuring just 10 cozy tables. The dining experience has been heightened with the introduction of a four-course tasting menu that costs $270, a lengthier alternative costing $360, along with new a la carte and bar menus.

Lindsay Tusk confessed to the SF Chronicle that for to feel "reinvigorated and slightly freer and looser" is wonderful. The new design draws encouragement from the alfresco meals formerly served at Quince's farm in Bolinas. The interior now includes a plant-filled inner courtyard and warm elements like California and French oak. The transformed dining room now provides views of the Transamerica Pyramid and street greenery, through French doors that open to Pacific Avenue and a parklet.

Although Michael Tusk keeps specific dishes under wraps, he hints at a lighter, forward-thinking approach to the culinary offerings, continuing to employ seasonal produce from Fresh Run Farm in Bolinas and local meats and seafood.

Despite the hurdles San Francisco has faced, the future of the city is seen with optimism by the Tusks. Their commitment to the area extends beyond Quince, with plans to reopen Verjus next year and to embark on creating a gelato shop that will incorporate their farm's fresh ingredients. The Quince team also took over North Beach Cookhouse to create a Private Salon and Test Kitchen last year.

San Francisco food enthusiasts eagerly look forward to Quince's comeback as the renovated establishment pledges to offer not just a rejuvenated environment but also a reimagined approach to fine dining that is both personal and transformative for the city's culinary scene.