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Published on November 28, 2023
Bus Routes Rev Up as Schools Shut Down, SAISD Scrambles to Safeguard Students in San AntonioSource: Google Street View

The wheels of change are quite literal as the San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD) grapples with the closure of 15% of its institutions, aiming to save funds but causing disarray in community traditions and safety routines. Experts and parents are voicing concerns, particularly about neighborhood schools vanishing, with students potentially facing busy roads and other hazards en route to their new educational homes, as reported by the Fox San Antonio.

Lamar Parent, Raven Duron articulated the weight of the shift, recalling to FOX San Antonio, "We park right here and walk right up to school every day," but with closures like that of Lamar Elementary, she foresees a stark change: "Yeah I don’t think I’ll have the capability of parking and walking him up to a school in the middle of the pearl," signaling not just a geographical shift but a transformation in the daily familial fabric.

Anchored by necessity, SAISD’s Director of Transportation Nathan Graf offered a semblance of reassurance. "We’ll figure it out," he told News 4 San Antonio, indicating that adjustments and additions are in the works with about 10 new bus routes planned to safeguard the 1000 anticipated bus-riding students amidst the 4000 affected by the district's "rightsizing". Graf asserts that these routes will be crafted to sidestep safety hazards.

Meanwhile, SAISD bus drivers like seasoned Robert Richardson remain calm in the storm, ensuring worried parents and students looking ahead at the unknown road that they're covered, stating, "We have enough busses, we have enough bus drivers that we can accommodate what needs to be done"—a beacon of hope in the face of transition and a testament to the district's commitment to student safety and logistical challenges.

For those needing further information or seeking specifics about the evolving bus routes, SAISD has opened channels for queries with contact details available at 210-354-9320, providing service from the early morning till the evening, and updating resources such as the Bus Stop Locator to ensure parents and students alike can find their new transit waypoints in this period of transition.