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Published on November 15, 2023
San Francisco's West Portal Awaits Upscale Doughnut Cafe, George's Donuts & MerrimentSource: Google Street View

San Francisco's West Portal neighborhood eagerly expects the opening of George's Donuts & Merriment next summer. The upscale doughnut shop and cafe, under the culinary helm of pastry chef Janina O'Leary, will feature handmade doughnuts, European-style cafe offerings, and specialty drinks, as noted by Eater SF.

O'Leary, having prior experience with Bacchus Management Group, brings her doughnut devotion to the table. Among the menu items, reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, customers can look forward to brioche, raised, and cake doughnuts, among other varieties. Savory selections, including cacio e pepe and za'atar with sesame and tahini, are also planned.

The cafe, inspired by European cafes, aims to serve its diverse community with a selection that extends beyond doughnuts. The menu is expected to include salads, sandwiches, aperitifs, coffee, and wine. Seasonal produce will be sourced and transformed into dishes reflecting various times of the year. Co-owners Lea and Andrew Dudum, West Portal residents, envision the cafe as a hub for local activity and even romantic outings.

The cafe, to be housed in a renovated 1930s Art Deco building with a unique ambiance, will feature a white marble espresso bar, original brass fixtures, and a skylight. A proposed "doughnut window" will afford customers behind-the-scenes access to watch doughnut production. With operating hours extending from morning to evening and later into weekends, the establishment caters to locals' varied schedules.