San Francisco's Trad'r Sam Shakes Up a Comeback with a Slick Renovation

San Francisco's Trad'r Sam Shakes Up a Comeback with a Slick RenovationSource: Google Street View
Nina Singh-Hudson
Published on November 27, 2023

Trad'r Sam, the iconic tiki bar known for serving fruity cocktails since the Roosevelt administration, has reopened with a fresh new look after a brief closure. The Geary Boulevard oasis, which underwent renovations amid a family-owned business dispute, is now back in action, marking its revival three weeks ago, as reported by the San Francisco Standard.

The traditionally kitschy spot has updated its seating areas, shedding what they describe as "somewhat cringe-inducing". Loyal patrons can now enjoy brand-new floors and a refreshed bar top while soaking in the revamped décor. The addition of shiny new taps and blenders ensures a continuous flow of libations, and Trad'r Sam's iconic neon sign is receiving a loving touch-up from the artisans at Neon Works, per Eater San Francisco.

More than just a watering hole, Trad'r Sam is a San Francisco institution that has weathered Prohibition, changing trends, and a recent legal dispute that could have spelled its end. Despite the modern facelift, the spirit of Trad'r Sam remains unchanged, or, as we might say, perfectly stirred.

While the bar has embraced a modern touch, the classic concoctions that have enchanted locals and tourists remain unchanged. Tiki tradition enthusiasts can still savor their favorite fruit juice-infused beverages, and familiar faces are back as regulars reclaim their stools, toasting to the bar's resilient comeback. For Trad'r Sam aficionados, the paradise at 6150 Geary Boulevard is alive, well, and ready to transport you with each sip of an exotic drink.