Valedor Cocktail Lounge Shakes Up Wicker Park's Dining Scene

Valedor Cocktail Lounge Shakes Up Wicker Park's Dining SceneSource: Valedor
Jo Marquez
Published on November 29, 2023

Chicago's Wicker Park has a new cocktail lounge that offers a unique blend of Mexican and Japanese flavors. Valedor, the moody new establishment, is bringing a fresh dining experience to the neighborhood and spicing up the mundane options in Wicker Park and Bucktown. According to Chicago Eater, Valedor is a fusion sensation that will transport you to a world where Tokyo and Tijuana meet, all while sipping on delicious cocktails.

This avant-garde establishment is on a mission to boldly highlight the interwoven heritages of Japanese-Mexican communities dating back to the 1930s. Managing partner Santiago Leon and his cohorts are crafting a culinary experience inspired by rice—a common thread in both traditions. Their cocktail menu features hits like "Horchata 2 Ways," which Chicago Eater describes as a mix of unfiltered sake, Cimarrón tequila, jasmine rice horchata, falernum, and cinnamon powder, crowned with a creamy dollop of horchata pudding cream.

But Valedor isn't just stirring up drinks. It's serving a dash of innovation with its "tacoyaki"—an inventive fusion of takoyaki and birria tacos—and a spicy tuna roll that draws its heat from chile de arbol. The vibe is set by Kehoe Design Group's dark and intimate décor, complete with abstract video art and glowing hanging basket lamps, as reported by Chicago Eater.

The neighborhood also serves up a kaleidoscope of other attractions for the discerning urban explorer. Just a hop and skip away, you’ll find vintage stores, record shops, and hip eateries—all to truly indulge in. For breakfast, head over to Dove’s Luncheonette for a twist on Mexico-meets-Southern cuisine, or if you're up for a Southern classic like hot chicken or biscuits and gravy, Bucktown's Savannah Luncheonette is where you want to be, according to Choose Chicago.