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Published on December 08, 2023
Adam Sandler Charms Fans at San Antonio's Pearl Complex Ahead of Comedy ShowSource: Facebook/Adam Sandler

It looks like Alamo City got a dose of Hollywood hilarity when Adam Sandler was spotted charming locals at Pearl on Thursday, right before his scheduled comedy gig in town. The star of classics like "Happy Gilmore" drew a mini-crowd at San Antonio's beloved Pearl complex, proving that the funny man's appeal stretches beyond the big screen.

San Antonians enjoyed a brush with fame as Sandler graciously stopped to sign autographs while making his escape from Hotel Emma. According to KSAT, Sandler is in town for his "I Missed You" show at the Frost Bank Center, which is pegged for a mature audience and teases a "surprise guest." With tickets still up for grabs on Ticketmaster, fans are gearing up for a 7:30 p.m. start that promises to deliver the laughs.

The "Uncut Gems" actor, it seems, wasn't just making fans' day with his presence; he also found time to shoot some hoops at Trinity, because why not? Clad in the classic Sandler uniform of an oversized sweatshirt and sweatpants, his casual appearance was a slam dunk with devotees, as they filled social platforms with their sightings of the comedian. One fan, @hilswword13, couldn't contain their excitement, as they gushed on X, formerly Twitter, "Who else saw Adam Sandler at the Pearl? Highlight of my day," embodying the buzz that Sandler’s unexpected drop-in had generated among locals.

With Sandler making waves just hours before his stand-up act, the Frost Bank Center is likely to be brimming with those hoping for a hearty laugh and maybe, just maybe, another glimpse at that "surprise guest" teased for tonight's show. As reported by San Antonio Current, Sandler's casual stroll and easy-going interaction with fans are a gentle reminder of his SNL roots, where humor was always best served up close and personal.