Contra Costa DA's Report Deems Oakley Officers' Use of Force Justifiable in Fatal August Standoff

Contra Costa DA's Report Deems Oakley Officers' Use of Force Justifiable in Fatal August StandoffSource: Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office
Nina Singh-Hudson
Published on December 10, 2023

Martinez, California, has been at the center of recent scrutiny as the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office released a report detailing the use of force incident that ended in the death of 58-year-old Frank Correa in Oakley. The comprehensive document sheds light on the situation that unfolded on August 25, 2022, when Correa, armed and dangerous, allegedly threatened to kill his girlfriend.

The girlfriend, whose name has been withheld, escaped and alerted police about the harrowing threat. Oakley officers, after trying to bring the situation under control for two hours, found themselves under gunfire—seven shots from Correa's semiautomatic firearm. In the ensuing chaos, Officer Brett Jackson was authorized by Sergeant Jeff Solomon to use deadly force against Correa, described by the District Attorney's office as an attempt to shield themselves and bystanders from potential harm.

Highlighting the seriousness with which these matters are handled, District Attorney Diana Becton stated, "The Law Enforcement Involved Fatal Incident (LEIFI) reports my office releases to the public reflect my administration's commitment to government transparency," a sentiment relayed in a public statement by the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office. The DA's office insists on providing the community with an unobstructed view of the processes and conclusions drawn from such critical events.

The legal scrutiny of the event revealed a clear narrative—the use of force was deemed justifiable, with the DA concluding no criminal liability on the part of the officers involved. Thus, the agency determined that no further action would be taken regarding the August 25 clash that resulted in Correa’s death. A comprehensive view of the facts and legal analysis can be accessed through the complete LEIFI report made available to the public.