San Diego's New Equestrian Park Gallops into Action with Grand Opening Bash

San Diego's New Equestrian Park Gallops into Action with Grand Opening BashSource: San Diego Parks
Kamal Jenkins
Published on December 04, 2023

Get ready to saddle up for a day full of hoof-beating action and family fun because the Dianne Jacob Lakeside Equestrian Park is throwing open its gates on December 10. According to the official tweet from San Diego Parks, you'd best hoof it over to 11055 Moreno Ave. in Lakeside from 12 to 4 p.m. to be part of this inaugural shindig.

Celebrating 28 years of park project advocacy by County Supervisor Dianne Jacob, the equestrian park sprawling across 13.88 acres is no mere pony show. It's fitted out with an expansive covered arena, another open to the sky, livestock corrals, and enough amenities to make any city slicker feel right at home, including a concession building and restrooms. There's even talk of food trucks, as detailed in an article by San Diego County Parks.

The kiddos will find their fun in activities tailored for them while the adults peruse resource booths and local entertainment that promise to giddy up your Sunday spirits. The park is also pegged to be a hotspot for future farmer’s markets, contests, and other special events that will keep this locale buzzing all year round.

For those who like more planning in their gallop, additional specifics about the event are due to come out in early December. However, if you can't wait to pencil it into your planner, a 'Save the Date' flyer is available to remind you not to book any appointments on your calendar here.