LA's Popular Egg Tuck Hatches in Chicago as Korean-Inspired Breakfast Phenom Lands on Michigan Ave

LA's Popular Egg Tuck Hatches in Chicago as Korean-Inspired Breakfast Phenom Lands on Michigan AveSource: Egg Tuck
Richard M. Sullivan
Published on December 08, 2023

The Windy City's breakfast game just got a kick from the West Coast as Egg Tuck, the Korean-inspired egg sandwich joint that conquered LA, opens its doors in Chicago. The burgeoning chain's debut spot is at 326 N. Michigan Ave., and two more are on the hatch block, aiming to scramble Chicago's morning meal scene with a blend of American and Korean street food flair, Block Club Chicago reported.

At the helm of Egg Tuck's Chicago invasion is Nicole Kim, co-partner of the local franchise. "This brand is a very Korean-style street food style combined with American culture," Kim told Block Club Chicago. She spots a void in local offerings, noting an absence of fast-food breakfast sellers amid a sea of fancy brunch establishments. Egg Tuck's menu boasts items like their bacon and egg sandwich, the Royal West with a tteok-galbi patty, and their signature fluffy eggs—a secret recipe you apparently can't whip up at home.

Yet, the egg fever isn't confined to this fresh import. Chicago's existing eateries are experimenting with new egg-centric entrees, expanding the city's breakfast boundaries. Reporting from Eater Chicago explains, Paulie Gee's Pizza has introduced a brunch menu featuring an egg sandwich, while Mano Modern Cafe is now serving Filipino-American breakfast sliders. Gangnam Market offers a unique take with egg sandwiches on pineapple buns or Japanese shokupan bread.

Back at Egg Tuck's camp, the Sweet Egg or Avo Egg sandwiches provide plant-based alternatives, and the Just Eggcelent burrito utilizes Just Egg, a popular vegan egg substitute. The brand's "egg tots" and spicy mayo, made from in-house recipes, also vie for the spotlight, complementing their pillowy egg offerings. "It's so fluffy," Kim lauds, "It's our secret recipe we wanted to bring to Chicago." And it seems the charm offensive works—Kim reverberates with laughter, recounting how Angelenos on business are flabbergasted to find their cherished sandwiches in Chi-Town, according to her Block Club Chicago interview.

Egg Tuck is not just fixated on cracking into the breakfast market; its offerings aim to serve as a fulfilling lunch option as well. Ryan Son, co-partner, referred to their sandwiches as "burger-wich," indicating a gravitas beyond your ordinary egg sandwich. With a $1 sandwich promotion on the horizon and plans to concoct "something special" for its Chicago customer base, Egg Tuck is gearing up to egg on the city's sandwich saga.