San Antonio to Welcome Thunder Rosa's Triumphant Return to the Ring on December 23

San Antonio to Welcome Thunder Rosa's Triumphant Return to the Ring on December 23Source: Wikipedia/All Elite Wrestling, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Susan O'Brien
Published on December 09, 2023

Wrestling fans can mark their calendars for December 23, when Thunder Rosa, the former AEW women's world champion, is slated to make her much-anticipated return to the ring. The fiery competitor is not just gearing up to reclaim her title but also juggling the duties of motherhood—she's a mom to a college-age kid. In an exclusive scoop, she conveyed her excitement about getting back to the squared circle, Fox San Antonio reports. "Being a mom to a college student as a wrestler is no small feat, and yet here she is, ready to literally wrestle back her championship," said Rosa.

Rosa, known for her hard-hitting style and undeniable charisma in the ring, has been on the sidelines following an injury, meticulously preparing to once again step back into the fray. It's not only about the physical preparation but also the mental resolve to quickly get back into the game. "After a lengthy recovery, she’ll be returning to San Antonio to wrestle on December 23," she shared with Watch Daytime. Fans are buzzing with anticipation to see if Rosa can recapture the magic that made her a formidable champion in the past.

Born Melissa Cervantes in Tijuana, Mexico, Rosa has blazed a trail through the professional wrestling landscape since her debut in 2014. She broke new ground in 2020 by clinching the NWA World Women's Championship, making history as the first Mexican-born wrestler to hold the revered title. She continued her winning streak by joining AEW in 2021 and securing the AEW Women's World Championship the following year.

Outside the ring, Rosa is just as impactful. She's managed to successfully found Mission Pro Wrestling (MPW), a promotion that prominently features female wrestlers, and in the process, has become a vocal proponent for diversity and inclusion within the sport. "She is an inspiration to aspiring wrestlers around the world, and her impact on the sport is undeniable," according to Fox San Antonio.

As the date approaches, the wrestling community is electrified, with both fans and fellow wrestlers eager to witness Thunder Rosa's storied comeback. With her return bout in San Antonio, Thunder Rosa's trek towards reasserting herself as the champion is about to be as riveting outside the ring as it is bound to be within it.