San Diego County Beachfronts Face Closures and Advisories Amid Bacterial Pollution Concerns

San Diego County Beachfronts Face Closures and Advisories Amid Bacterial Pollution ConcernsSource: County of San Diego
Ben J. Costas
Published on December 10, 2023

The waters of San Diego County are under scrutiny as health officials have announced a series of closures and advisories for popular beachfronts due to high levels of bacteria. In a statement issued Saturday, residents and tourists have been warned to steer clear of certain areas where tests have revealed contamination that poses potential health risks.

According to NBC San Diego, closures have been implemented at Imperial Beach Shorelines, Silver Strand Shoreline, Coronado Shoreline, and the Tijuana Slough Shoreline, effectively barring water contact from the south end of Seacoast Drive to the U.S./Mexico border. Officials have underscored that these measures are to remain strictly observed, as bacteria levels significantly exceed health standards.

Further, advisories exist across various locations, including La Jolla Children's Pool and Cove, Avenida De La Playa, San Diego Bay in Coronado, Ocean Beach Dog Beach, and Tourmaline Surf Park in Pacific Beach. As reported on the San Diego County website, the public is advised to avoid water contact in these areas due to the increased bacteria levels that have been detected since various points in November and as far back as 1997 for the Children's Pool in La Jolla.

It's not just the recent findings prompting concern; closures like the one in Tijuana Slough Shoreline have been in effect since December 8, 2021, and the Children's Pool in La Jolla has been under chronic advisory since September 1997. The persistent nature of these issues draws attention to ongoing environmental hazards and the need for comprehensive measures to clean and protect the county's treasured coastal waters.

Information about beach closures and the conditions causing them is continually updated on the San Diego County Beach & Bay water quality website. Visitors and natives alike are encouraged to remain informed and to heed warnings for their safety and the preservation of the marine ecosystem. Deliberate steps are needed to be taken by all to ensure that these beaches can be enjoyed without the shadow of health concerns looming overhead.