SFPD Dangles $25K Reward for Clues in Unsolved Visitacion Valley Murder Mystery

SFPD Dangles $25K Reward for Clues in Unsolved Visitacion Valley Murder MysterySource: San Francisco Police Department
Tony Ng
Published on December 11, 2023

San Francisco streets once again echo with unanswered pleas for justice as the local police department ups the ante in a tragic, unsolved homicide case. The SFPD is shelling out $25,000 for information that could finally button up the August slaying of 22-year-old Relando Bell. Bell's life was cut short when an unknown assailant shot him on a dimly lit street in Visitacion Valley, as reported by CBS News San Francisco. After the ordeal of dialing 911 to report his gunshot wounds at around 9:43 p.m., Bell succumbed to his injuries following hospitalization.

The call to action by the SFPD underscores a dire need for closure in a case that has left the community grappling with a cocktail of grief and fear. As the days roll into months without a whiff of a lead, the department has attached a reward bulletin to its plea, hoping it incentivizes those with knowledge of the crime to speak up. The details of this bulletin were disclosed by the official San Francisco Police Department news release.

Anyone with the slightest thread of intelligence concerning the sequence of events that led to Bell's death is urged to come forward. The SFPD has made clear that callers can remain anonymous if they wish—a potential salve for those fearing retaliation or exposure. 

Lines have been cast wide for tips, as the SFPD directs individuals to their Homicide Detail or after-hours at their Department Operations Center. For those reluctant to speak, there's also the option to send an anonymous text to TIP411 with the message starting with SFPD.