Skate the Date Away as Chicago Unveils Senior Sessions on the Icy Stage

Skate the Date Away as Chicago Unveils Senior Sessions on the Icy StageSource: Google Street View
Jo Marquez
Published on December 02, 2023

Chicago's winter wonderlands are beckoning on blades, folks—the city's outdoor rinks are officially rolling out the frosty carpet for eager skaters, with a fresh plot twist for those in the Gen X and Boomer brackets. As WTTW News reports, five Chicago Park District parks have unfrozen their rinks alongside popular favorites like the Ribbon at Maggie Daley Park and McCormick Tribune Ice Rink in Millennium Park, which both got a head start back on November 17.

They're laying out the red carpet for those 50-and-uppers with senior skate sessions up their chilly sleeves, ushering in a whole new chillaxing vibe on the ice. "Before the start of the season, we met with our staff to discuss program offerings at the ice rinks and the idea for a senior skate session was a unanimous suggestion," Park District spokesperson Irene Tostado told WTTW News

But don't slip on the RSVP: Lace-up requires a ticket at Millennium Park and some proactive pre-reg action via the Park District because spontaneity is cool, but so is being sure you've got a spot to glide. Versatile rink rats can dive into diversions like skate lessons and hockey stick-and-puck sessions, and for adults wanting to spin back the clock, rat hockey – a throwback to games that are more about the love of the sport than the rules, as lined out by the fine print at WTTW News.

For the cultural curators and festive folk among us, NBC Chicago lights up the list with the Winterland at Gallagher Way pop-up delivering an avalanche of activities, including a spin around Wrigley Field's rink where you can then jingle through the Christkindlmarket, Wrigleyville style—and that's just for starters, according to NBC Chicago. Meanwhile, glisten with metropolis magic at the Sky Rink at The Peninsula, where you can pretty much touch the skyline with your mitten-clad fingertips, or skate next to frosty waves at Navy Pier's Light Up The Lake.