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Published on January 02, 2024
Proteome Sciences Unveils State-of-the-Art Laboratory in San Diego to Boost Drug Research and DevelopmentSource: Google Street View

Proteome Sciences has hit a major milestone in San Diego, as Proteome Sciences PLC (AIM: PRM) announced opening a new hands-on laboratory in one of America's most significant biotech hubs, as reported earlier today by Proactive Investors. At the helm, Dr. Ian Pike greeted the lab's inauguration enthusiastically, stating, "I am delighted that we are able to open our doors to serve arguably the world's largest biotechnology hub in California."

Notably, this Californian biotech hub has seen monumental financial injections, boasting a collective $17.2 billion in investment and a significant $6 billion from the US National Institute of Health in the 2022/23 timeframe, the London Stock Exchange article disclosed the laboratory operates with leading-edge technologies such as Orbitrap Ascend Tribrid mass spectrometry and automated sample preparation platforms, which will broaden the range of services provided to their clients. The moves come after Proteome's less than stellar performance last year, where postponed projects led to a dip in revenue, but shares have bounced back strongly since, over 50% up in the last year, now sitting at 5.45p.

Boasting its enhanced capabilities, this facility underscores the company's commitment to supporting US-based pharma and academic institutions in their proteomics research which is critical to accelerating drug development, with the added convenience of now avoiding the hassle and risks involved with international sample shipping Dr. Pike expressed optimism in the capacity to deliver both TMTpro 32plex and single cell proteomics (SCP) from their well-equipped labs in the US and Europe, according to a statement provided on the London Stock Exchange.

Proteome Sciences' advance positions it to leverage the dense concentration of biotech companies and innovate further within the local market—it eyes a pivotal role in proteomics tools and services essential for drug discovery, a sentiment echoed by Dr. Pike in the announcement "Providing easier access to our US customers and with innovations including TMTpro 32plex and single cell proteomics (SCP), delivered from both our dedicated laboratories in the US and Europe we are well set to continue our leading role in provision of tools, assays and services in proteomics research as it grows in importance to enhance pharmaceutical research and drug development."