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Published on February 28, 2024
ASU Secures Elite Top 10 Global Ranking for Utility Patents in 2023, Surpassing Previous Tallies and Leading Innovation ChargeSource: Arizona State University

Arizona State University has once again blazed its trail as a beacon of innovation, securing a spot in the world's top 10 for U.S. utility patents obtained in 2023, as reported by the National Academy of Inventors and as detailed by the Business Journal. With a portfolio of 170 new patents, the university jumped from its previous year's count of 160, earning it the 9th slot worldwide and 7th in the nation.

Not unfamiliar with the limelight, ASU has appeared in the top 10 thrice; it was ranked 8th in 2021 and found its way to the 10th position in 2018—the steady climb speaking to the institution's focus on fostering a culture conducive to cutting-edge research and technological advancement, said Sally Morton, executive vice president of ASU’s Knowledge Enterprise, her remarks captured by ABC15. "This is a testament to our faculty and staff whose perseverance and ingenuity place ASU at the forefront of supporting real-world solutions that benefit society," Morton highlighted in a statement.

The 2023 clutch of patents included a trailblazing colon cancer treatment, the genesis of which lies in genetically modified bacteria, a discerning test to identify disease-specific antibodies through a wearable device, and a groundbreaking, environmentally sustainable alternative to conventional cement. By storming the innovation front, ASU rubs shoulders with other top-ranking American institutions and rivals; The University of California and the University of Texas system occupy the top tiers with 546 and 235 patents respectively, while the Massachusetts Institute of Technology maintained its pronounced staying power at No. 2 with 365 patents.

While ASU shines in the innovation realm, its fellow Arizona institution, the University of Arizona, almost leaped into the top 50 but landed at No. 51 with a patent tally of 61—the state's collective innovation output hoisted to an impressive 231 patents, despite the fact that UArizona slid down from its no. 22 spot in 2022, "The Top 100 Worldwide list highlights the essential role universities across the globe play in creating patented technologies that beneficially impact society," Paul Sanberg, president of the NAI, commended in a statement as captured by the Business Journal.

ASU's impressive track record in the patent domain also resonated in other lists; the Association of University Technology Managers in the previous year positioned the university within the top five for its disclosed inventions, patent licenses, and startups launched—accomplishments that paralleled the university's heralded top spot in U.S. News & World Report's list of the nation's most innovative colleges for nine consecutive years. It's clear that when it comes to invention and commercialization, ASU is not merely playing catch-up but is in fact setting the pace for the academic world, according to details released by the National Academy of Inventors and reported widely.

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